Monday, September 26, 2005

10 months being away from your spouse sucks!

Yeah, you read that right .. especially since I love being with my spouse on a continuous basis! Yeah, we still keep in contact though .. daily phone calls from my beloved .. morning, noon and night .. you heard me right! You'd think I wouldn't have the right to complain .. but to me, it's still not enough! I want Richard with me, to have and to hold .. a simple statement which so many take for granted! How do wives of truck drivers do it? How do husbands of power-house CEO's do it? How can anyone stand being away from the one they vowed to cherish until death? It is absolutely fuckin' crazy!

Good news is on the front though, I will be sending in my I-864 forms this Wednesday with the I's dotted and the T's crossed .. just pray for us or send positive energy our way .. we're hoping to get our paperwork filed before the new Immigration laws go into effect. What? You didn't know? Immigration is at this moment working on a law that makes the immigrant put up a bond if he/she wants to move to the U.S. At least $300 a month for the next 3 years .. you do the math! My husband hasn't that kind of money .. I haven't that kind of money .. what are they, insane? What next for those of us who unfortunately find our soulmates in another country? Why is it so hard? I can't imagine a Government official having to go through the hell we're going through .. nor would I wish it upon them .. but c'est la vie, what's a grrl to do?

Anywho .. just a bit of a ramble to get some things off my chest ..

I love Richard Manintveld ..
With everything in me ..
Even after all this time ..
And all this pain ..
And all this pleasure ..
He's the one I give up everything for ..
Again and again ..
He's worth it ..
He's my hubby ..

I love you, sweetheart
Deidra Lisa Manintveld