Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Mother of all Mothers ..

My Lil' Mama from a few years back

I love my Mama .. I can't say it enough!  I'm amazed by her every single day.  She even reminds me of the Dad of the guy who Twitters @shitmydadsays from time to time.  She's entitled to her opinions, she's 81 years old for goodness sake!

She lives with my sister Janice and has ever since I married the Silly Dutch Guy in 2002.  Before then, we'd have some knock down drag outs regarding ANYTHING.  We'd have quite a few heated discussions which when I look back, I enjoyed alot.  I love hearing what my Mama has to say and then fighting her on it!

She called me yesterday, which is a miracle in itself.  She's not a phone talker but, neither am I .. I'm pretty sure I got that from her.  I usually do most of the calling, just to check in and see if she's doing alright.  Here's pretty much how our phone conversations usually go:

Me:  Hello?
Mama:  Helloooo.
Me:  Hi Mama, whatcha doin'?
Mama:  Sitting here on my butt, like I always do.  Watching Greta/Hannity/Huckabee/O'Reilly Factor/Glenn Beck/on FOX News.  Not much has changed.
Me:  I'm not surprised.
Mama:  Yes.  You know I hate Obama.
Me:  Yes, I know you hate Obama.  What's that got to do with watching FOX news?
Mama:  They bash Obama every chance they get.  I like them.
Me:  Don't start, Mom .. give the man a chance.  Bush wasn't any better.
Mama:  Obama is evil.  Janice loves Obama and doesn't want to hear any of it.
Me:  I don't blame her, she's not gonna argue with you like I do.
Mama:  I know, she's no fun. (giggles)
Me:  Well, anything else going on?
Mama:  Nope.  You?
Me:  Just work, eat and sleep, Mama.
Mama:  OK, bye.
Me:  Mom!  I love you!
Mama:  Love you, Babe.

Short, simple and to the point.  Sometimes, we actually have things to talk about .. Halloween gave us about another 2 minutes of dialog.  Don't think I'm affected by it or hurt in anyway that our conversations are so short.  We lived together for 36 years so, we pretty much talked each other out during that time .. lol!  What I'm surprised about is how political she's become.  She's never given a crap about politics, not until Obama came into office.  She liked him when he was offering Americans a stimulus but, once she got hers, she turned on him.  Good going, Mom .. take what you can get from a man then, throw him to the curb.

I might have to write about her again .. she's going to hate knowing I'm writing about her in a blog.  I'll let her know in our next phone conversation, I'm going to guess that'll probably add another 3 more minutes.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Now that Halloween's over ..

 Our own little pumpkin family

.. it's time to start putting up Christmas stuff at Wal*Mart!  It never fails, no matter what retail establishment I've ever worked at, Christmas gets crammed down your throat right off the bat (no pun intended).  Don't get me wrong, I love my job at Wal*Mart .. out of all the jobs I've ever had, this is the one place I really enjoy working at.  I've done the Mall thing, Department store thing, even the furniture store thing .. at one point in my life, I dumped it all to go into the fast food thing just to get away from the retail thing.

My problem stems from the fact that Christmas has become so commercial.  You go into debt to celebrate, you compete with the Joneses to have a better Christmas than them, you celebrate the seven deadly sins on a day that's meant to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour .. hypocrites.  It should be a time of selflessness and caring, to help your fellow brethren, to give of yourself instead of giving 'things' .. if you have the means, to help those less fortunate, to show love and compassion, appreciate and accept.
We're not very traditional when it comes right down to it, other than preparing the meal, Richard for his own personal reasons and I've become pretty jaded due to working in retail for over 20+ years so, I hate the shopping aspect of it.  A few years back, I did decorate our tree all Goth just 'cause it ties in with what we enjoy.  Felt coffins, wooden crosses, Halloweeny things, lots of black and red .. made me feel good!  When we lived in Holland, their Christmas is celebrated on the 25th and 26th.  Ours in America is the 24th and 25th so, we'd put our days together and celebrated 3 days instead of 2.  It was just a good excuse to enjoy the excess.  Three days of pressies, cheer, tasty dinners and treats was nice ..

Last Christmas was one I'll never forget for as long as I live.  Surviving on my paycheck alone put us in a state of minimal spending.  At least our bills were paid, our dogs were fed and cared for, we had food in the house but, nothing extra to spare.  I've had to resort to asking my Mom for money many times during the year and I was damned if I was going to continue to do so.  We went rummaging in our spare room and found Christmas cards I'd bought on clearance at Wal*Mart and used them.  Richard belonged to a music club that had offered him a free CD and we used that for a gift.  Dollar General became my holiday friend so I could buy trinkets for family and friends.  One thing I couldn't afford .. Christmas dinner.

Turkey's were cheap but, not cheap enough .. ham the same way.  When you think about it, you could probably afford a Christmas dinner for around $30-$35 .. and we didn't have it to spare.  It sucked .. and so did Thanksgiving before that for we couldn't afford that either.  It was really depressing, it got me down so low .. I did alot of crying behind the scenes.  When those dinners were such a tradition for all your life, not affording to make one yourself makes you feel left out when you hear others talking about theirs.  Sure, I could go to my Mom's house and have dinner but, it's not the same as your own .. in your home .. loving to cook so much.

At work, they put Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes together for those employees less fortunate.  I'd brought in cans of corn and peas to divide up among the boxes during Thanksgiving time .. the more those boxes became full, the more I was hoping one would become mine.  It never did, neither time.  It broke my heart to be so needy and not be worthy of it.

One evening, after I'd come home from work, I'd been sitting at the computer playing around when all of a sudden, there was a knock on the door.  The dogs started barking something awful!  Richard wasn't all too enthused to go answer the door so, I got up and cracked open the door.  Right there, on our doorstep, was a box.  Not just an ordinary box, a box wrapped like a gift.  I stepped out to retrieve it and saw a car with their lights on in our driveway.  I couldn't see who it was, didn't recognise the vehicle as it pulled out. 

I brought that pretty box in and hollered for Richard to help me with it, it was so heavy.  Inside I found a treasure .. Christmas dinner in a box!  Turkey, red potatoes, desserts, you name it, it was there.  I come to find out later that the girls I work with in the Bakery talked about it and a few of them put some $$ together and came up with dinner for us.  That moment put things into perspective.  I needed to have more faith and not be so selfish, there are others out there that need it more than I .. God provides when needed.  The girls who donated to give me a Christmas dinner that year could've used that money more than I and they decided to use it on me.  I love my girls, they give me hope on a daily basis.

Let's see what this holiday season brings us, shall we?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been a while ..

.. it's been exactly 5 years since we started this little ol' blog of ours taking you through the trials and tribulations of our union .. well folks, I'm happy to announce we're still hanging around, still married, still nuts!  Alot has happened since we began our blog, aptly named Rally 4 Love .. now that we've become a comfortable old married couple, having celebrated 7 years wedded bliss this past July, I've decided to change the name of our blog to Man in t' Veld Manor .. that is what our home has become, through thick and thin.

.. we've made many changes to the household, including the addition of 2 more dogs 2 years ago, which brings our brood to 5.  I'm still decorating cakes and loving it while Richard became unemployed in May 2008.  It hasn't been an easy journey but, thankfully we lived poor in Holland and it has helped up survive up until now.

.. it seems I've got a bit of an addiction to Facebook .. it's taken over my life without shame!  What is it about it that's so intriguing?  It puts Myspace to shame .. sad, really!  I guess it's the voyeur in me .. and besides, I'm nosy!

.. just waiting for Richard to come back from Monett after his job hunting excursion .. ol' lady Leia is on the couch sleeping like a good doggie while the hooligan boy dogs are outside enjoying what bit of Autumn that's finally arrived in this small town .. going to look for a pizza crust recipe for the bread machine to make homemade pepperoni pizza tonight, with green peppers and onions and some black olives for mine ..

.. Halloween is just around the corner and we're really excited about it .. I'm volunteering to be a chaperone Saturday for my friend Laura's Halloween party she's throwing for her munchkin, Emma ..I get to warn teenagers about what PDA's can do to young, horny kids who are stupid enough to go any further than just holding hands and how 3 minutes of lovin' can ruin your life for 18 years afterwards .. bring it on, this is going to be fuuuuuuuuuuun!

.. I've got a noisy boy outside whining to come back into this nice and cozy ol' house .. I wonder if he realizes how good him and his brother have it .. I bet it never crosses his sweet little mind, just a pat on the head makes him happy and that's all that matters .. <3

Until another time,