Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been a while ..

.. it's been exactly 5 years since we started this little ol' blog of ours taking you through the trials and tribulations of our union .. well folks, I'm happy to announce we're still hanging around, still married, still nuts!  Alot has happened since we began our blog, aptly named Rally 4 Love .. now that we've become a comfortable old married couple, having celebrated 7 years wedded bliss this past July, I've decided to change the name of our blog to Man in t' Veld Manor .. that is what our home has become, through thick and thin.

.. we've made many changes to the household, including the addition of 2 more dogs 2 years ago, which brings our brood to 5.  I'm still decorating cakes and loving it while Richard became unemployed in May 2008.  It hasn't been an easy journey but, thankfully we lived poor in Holland and it has helped up survive up until now.

.. it seems I've got a bit of an addiction to Facebook .. it's taken over my life without shame!  What is it about it that's so intriguing?  It puts Myspace to shame .. sad, really!  I guess it's the voyeur in me .. and besides, I'm nosy!

.. just waiting for Richard to come back from Monett after his job hunting excursion .. ol' lady Leia is on the couch sleeping like a good doggie while the hooligan boy dogs are outside enjoying what bit of Autumn that's finally arrived in this small town .. going to look for a pizza crust recipe for the bread machine to make homemade pepperoni pizza tonight, with green peppers and onions and some black olives for mine ..

.. Halloween is just around the corner and we're really excited about it .. I'm volunteering to be a chaperone Saturday for my friend Laura's Halloween party she's throwing for her munchkin, Emma ..I get to warn teenagers about what PDA's can do to young, horny kids who are stupid enough to go any further than just holding hands and how 3 minutes of lovin' can ruin your life for 18 years afterwards .. bring it on, this is going to be fuuuuuuuuuuun!

.. I've got a noisy boy outside whining to come back into this nice and cozy ol' house .. I wonder if he realizes how good him and his brother have it .. I bet it never crosses his sweet little mind, just a pat on the head makes him happy and that's all that matters .. <3

Until another time,