Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Mother of all Mothers ..

My Lil' Mama from a few years back

I love my Mama .. I can't say it enough!  I'm amazed by her every single day.  She even reminds me of the Dad of the guy who Twitters @shitmydadsays from time to time.  She's entitled to her opinions, she's 81 years old for goodness sake!

She lives with my sister Janice and has ever since I married the Silly Dutch Guy in 2002.  Before then, we'd have some knock down drag outs regarding ANYTHING.  We'd have quite a few heated discussions which when I look back, I enjoyed alot.  I love hearing what my Mama has to say and then fighting her on it!

She called me yesterday, which is a miracle in itself.  She's not a phone talker but, neither am I .. I'm pretty sure I got that from her.  I usually do most of the calling, just to check in and see if she's doing alright.  Here's pretty much how our phone conversations usually go:

Me:  Hello?
Mama:  Helloooo.
Me:  Hi Mama, whatcha doin'?
Mama:  Sitting here on my butt, like I always do.  Watching Greta/Hannity/Huckabee/O'Reilly Factor/Glenn Beck/on FOX News.  Not much has changed.
Me:  I'm not surprised.
Mama:  Yes.  You know I hate Obama.
Me:  Yes, I know you hate Obama.  What's that got to do with watching FOX news?
Mama:  They bash Obama every chance they get.  I like them.
Me:  Don't start, Mom .. give the man a chance.  Bush wasn't any better.
Mama:  Obama is evil.  Janice loves Obama and doesn't want to hear any of it.
Me:  I don't blame her, she's not gonna argue with you like I do.
Mama:  I know, she's no fun. (giggles)
Me:  Well, anything else going on?
Mama:  Nope.  You?
Me:  Just work, eat and sleep, Mama.
Mama:  OK, bye.
Me:  Mom!  I love you!
Mama:  Love you, Babe.

Short, simple and to the point.  Sometimes, we actually have things to talk about .. Halloween gave us about another 2 minutes of dialog.  Don't think I'm affected by it or hurt in anyway that our conversations are so short.  We lived together for 36 years so, we pretty much talked each other out during that time .. lol!  What I'm surprised about is how political she's become.  She's never given a crap about politics, not until Obama came into office.  She liked him when he was offering Americans a stimulus but, once she got hers, she turned on him.  Good going, Mom .. take what you can get from a man then, throw him to the curb.

I might have to write about her again .. she's going to hate knowing I'm writing about her in a blog.  I'll let her know in our next phone conversation, I'm going to guess that'll probably add another 3 more minutes.

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